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industrySPi's industry channel covers breaking industrial news from around the world, international corporate profiles and market research reports.  Industry is often classified into three sectors: primary (agriculture) or extractive (mining), secondary or manufacturing, and tertiary or services. Some authors add quaternary (knowledge) or even quinary (culture and research) sectors.

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Solving the Information Exchange Problem in Healthcare Industry

Founders of H2S, who were from the healthcare industry, were aware of an acute pain point in the healthcare industry – information exchange between physicians and home health agencies. More than 50% of home health Medicare claims are denied and most claims are denied due to missing signatures, insufficient documentation, and inaccurate descriptions. In fact, ... The post Solving the Information Exchange Problem in Healthcare Industry appeared f...
from: Small Business Trends

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This morning Renewable Energy Focus News notes; "US Energy Department pledges $4 Million to advance America’s water power industry." and DeSmogBlog announced that "Industry Funded Politicians Hope To Thwart Pollution Penalties In North Carolina". Earlier today, "Tollgrade Launches Industry's First Battery-Free Smart Grid Sensor for Monitoring Voltage Within 0.5% Accuracy" wrote AltEnergyMag - Environmental News

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