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[14 Aug 2019] Ascent Industries Provides Bi-Weekly Default Status Report

[26 Jun 2019] Ascent Industries Provides Update From Special General Meeting

[14 Jun 2019] Ascent Industries Provides Bi-Weekly Default Status Report

[31 May 2019] Ascent Industries Provides Bi-Weekly Default Status Report

[30 May 2019] Ascent Solar Announces First Quarter 2019 Results

[16 Apr 2019] Ascent Solar Announces Improved FY2018 Results

[12 Mar 2019] NFS Ascent Goes Live in China

[14 Feb 2019] Ascent on the Road Brings Orion’s Flagship Conference to Advisors Across the U.S.

[16 Jan 2019] Ascent Capital Group Announces Strategic Review

[20 Nov 2018] Ascent Solar Announces Positive Third Quarter 2018 Results

[20 Jul 2018] Ascent Solar Announces Reverse Stock Split

[14 May 2018] Ascent Solar Announces First Quarter 2018 Results

[03 May 2018] Orion Upgrades FUSE and Ascent Conferences

[05 Apr 2018] Ascent Capital Group Announces Executive Leadership Changes

[29 Mar 2018] Ascent Solar Announces Improved FY2017 Results

[30 Nov 2017] Ascent Solar Launches Newly Designed Ascent XD12 USB Solar Charger

[21 Nov 2017] Ascent Solar honored by visit from US Senator Gardner

[15 Sep 2017] Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. Secures Additional Funding

[20 Jun 2017] Strategic Investor Increases Shareholding in Ascent Solar to Beyond 12%

[09 Jun 2017] EUTELSAT 172B Satellite Begins Ascent to Geo

[19 May 2017] Ascent Solar Announces Improved First Quarter 2017 Results

[17 Apr 2017] Ascent Solar Announces FY2016 Results

[20 Jan 2017] Ascent Solar CEO Increases Equity Stake to Over 20%, Demonstrating Commitment to Ascent Solar

[17 Jan 2017] Ascent Solar and EnerPlex Exhibit at the 2017 CES Trade Show

[11 Jan 2017] Ascent Solar to Broaden Shareholder Communications

[15 Nov 2016] Ascent Solar Announces Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results

[19 Oct 2016] Ascent Solar Secures New Funding

[26 Sep 2016] Ascent Solar Secures New Funding

[16 Aug 2016] Ascent Solar Announces Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results

[30 Jun 2016] Ascent Solar Returns to Trading Under Ticker ASTI

[02 Jun 2016] Ascent Solar Issues Clarification Regarding Reverse Stock Split

[01 Jun 2016] Ascent Solar Announces Reverse Stock Split

[30 Dec 2015] Ascent Solar Provides Clarification of SeekingAlpha Article

[07 Jul 2015] Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Launches Project ASCENT

[11 Jun 2015] Largest Shareholder to Further Invest in Ascent Solar at 43% Premium

[15 Apr 2015] ASCENT Enhances eBooks with CADLearning Video from 4D Technologies

[01 Apr 2015] World's First 24 Carat Gold and Diamond Encrusted Ascent Vaporizer

[19 Mar 2015] Ascent Capital Group, Inc. to Hold Annual Meeting of Shareholders

[16 Mar 2015] Athene Ascent Helps Prepare Boomers for Retirement

[11 Mar 2015] eWorld Companies Inc. Reports Success of Ascent Expo, Begins Planning Ascent Expo II

[06 Mar 2015] Ascent Solar’s EnerPlex Brand Launches with Micro Center

[21 Jan 2015] Ascent Solar Partner, The Solar Cloth Company, Wins 2014 UK Solar Industry Awards BIPV Category Using Ascent’s Flexible Solar Panels

[15 Dec 2014] Ascent Solar's EnerPlex™ Brand Launches on

[26 Nov 2014] Ascent Capital Group to Present at Upcoming Investor Conferences

[20 Nov 2014] Ascent Solar Closes on $35 Million Financing

[17 Nov 2014] Ascent Solar Secures $35 Million Financing Agreement

[27 Aug 2014] NetSol Technologies Signs $16M Contract to Implement NFS Ascent(TM)

[25 Aug 2014] Ascent Solar Announces Reverse Stock Split

[11 Aug 2014] Ascent Solar Completes 12M Common Stock Issuance at $3.96M

[24 Jul 2014] Ascent Solar Announces Launch of New EnerPlex™ e-Commerce Website

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